Our practice in Romsey has an OCT eye scanner.

This scanner has the ability to scan the back of the eye to examine if there is any AMD (Macular Degeneration), Diabetic eye disease, Glaucoma, MS, eye tumours and many other diseases that can affect the rest of the body. This not simply a camera that records what is seen at the surface of the eye ( as with digital fundus cameras) – such as that which may be offered by other opticians – but is a full-depth eye scanner that is able to see analyse in between and under the retina at the back of the eye.

See the Echo article here.

As with other diseases or life-threatening conditions, eye disease or eye problems have a much better outcome if caught or discovered early. Our OCT can detect very subtle early disease that cannot be detected by the basic eye examination performed at most eye tests.

Our OCT eye scanner is fully installed – please book an eye examination to take advantage of having your eyes scanned.