Contact lenses – Visit One Of Our Branches – Southampton – Portswood – Romsey – Bishops Waltham

Contact lenses are an excellent vision-correction solution for those seeking freedom from their frames. Not only are they invisible but nowadays the technology and lens materials have moved on so much that you can barely feel the lenses in your eyes. Comfort and convenience are paramount and we guarantee they’ll have a transformative effect on your vision.

But perhaps you’ve had a negative experience with contact lenses in the past? Are you squeamish about the idea of touching your eyes? Or are worried that they may not be available in your prescription? Our highly qualified and expert team are here to allay your concerns during our contact lens assessment, during which we’ll take the time you need to guide you through the contact lens process step by step and find a lens to suit your lifestyle.

As an independent practice we’re not tied to a single contact lens supplier, so can obtain lenses from any leading brand. We tend to recommend Cooper Vision’s silicone hydrogel Clariti lenses due to their wide range of fits and exceptionally comfortable material. We are also one of the few opticians practices in the area to specialise in the fitting of rigid gas permeable and multi-focal contact lenses.

All of our optometrists fit contact lenses to adults and to children and, of note, Dr. Claudia Ashleigh has recently completed several years of research into multifocal contact lenses and is our expert in this area.

We are currently looking at preventing or slowing down the rate of progression of myopia (short sight) and are actively considering investing in equipment that will allow us to follow results.

If you’d like to book a contact lens assessment, please contact one of our branches.