Children’s eyecare

Did you know that your child absorbs up to 80% of their learning through their eyes? Yet shockingly up to a million British children head into the classroom with an undiagnosed vision problem that could negatively impact their educational and social potential.

As your child grows their eyes go through a period of rapid development, making them particularly susceptible to contracting eye conditions such as squints, lazy eye or refractive errors. Often your child will be unaware that an issue with their vision is impacting their performance, yet these common issues could affect their reading attainment, coordination and social confidence in the classroom and beyond. Which is why it is vitally important to book them in for free NHS-funded eye examinations every year.

Our comprehensive children’s eye test assesses your child’s eyesight prescription, whilst also checking for tracking, focusing and binocular vision.

If we find your child does need vision correction, our dispensing team will help them pick out a pair of glasses to suit their tastes. Or if glasses prove a hindrance to a young wearer’s active lifestyle, we can fit contact lenses.

Is your child due their annual eye examination? Book them in with one of our expert optometrists to help them meet their potential.