We are re-opening all the practices on the 1st July Monday to Friday 9-5
Online booking is temporarily suspended. Please call the practice to book an appointment. We are required to ask a few questions before we can book you in to ensure we meet COVID-19 guidelines.
An important update on Covid-19 and our stores

An update on the Covid-19 virus and our stores

Given the unprecedented situation in the UK regarding the COVID-19 virus we feel that it is important to reassure you that we are continuing to keep our practice clean and safe for both you and our team. We intend to keep the practices open for as long as possible to provide the service that is needed for our patients.

You will appreciate that as an optical practice we work in an environment where the prevention of the spread of a whole range of infections is woven into everything that we do. Nevertheless, we are paying particular attention the latest government guidance on the transmission of coronavirus.

All of the frames on display, the equipment we use and all surfaces are cleaned and disinfected regularly to keep the practice as sterile as needed and as often as needed.

Know the guidance

Before attending the practice for your next appointment, we would be grateful if you would review the most up to date government guidance – just click this link https://www/nhs.uk/conditions/coronavirus-covd19/

Keep us in the loop

Please remember that we are open, as normal, and to call us on the practice telephone number or email us to let us know if you wish to reschedule any of your booked appointments. We would be happy to schedule an alternative date for you. 

At your next appointment

Please forgive us if we don’t shake hands – but we are however happy to do the elbow bump – just ask! 

You’ll notice that we’ve removed some non-essential items in the reception area including the magazines. They will return once this is all over!

As a team, we are doing everything we possibly can to remain fit, well and able to work so that we can continue to provide our usual high standard of dental care for you.

Thank you for your support in keeping everyone safe.


The eye has a natural lens that has the ability to focus at near and far and is held in place by a network of fine, thread-like muscles that also aid the eye in its focus. As blue light passes through the eye over many years, parts of the lens begins to grey and, left to continue, becomes more dense as time passes. This greying or clouding of the lens is called cataract. Exactly when it is decided to call this maturing lens a cataract is often subject to opinion by various clinicians. I prefer to call a naturally greying lens a cataract when it begins to spoil the quality of vision in the observer. In that case, it needs to be removed and replaced by a clear intra-ocular lens. This process is easily done in twenty minutes, or so, and often results in vision that only needs you to wear glasses for reading. Although conducted under the NHS, current local guidelines state that certain minimal conditions have to be met before surgery can be considered. Recent announcements by the Health Secretary have sought to minimise these minimal conditions.

For those with time-pressing needs or wishing more convenient choices, there are several local eye surgeons who can remove troublesome cataracts privately and without delay. Without private medical insurance, you should expect to pay between £2000-£2500 per eye for the removal of a cataract and the implantation of a new lens.

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