Before the development of high index lenses, both long and short sighted people with high prescriptions had to live with thick and heavy lenses. Very long sighted people needed spectacle lenses which altered the eye’s appearance, magnifying it and making it seem bulbous, whilst very short sighted people required lenses with such thick edges that the size of the eye appeared to be reduced.

High prescription lenses can be fitted into small spectacle frames to keep their weight to a minimum. However, high index lenses have become increasingly popular as they are a thinner, flatter and lighter alternative and they will not distort the appearance of the eye. The higher the prescription, the greater the impact high lenses can have on the appearance.

Materials now exist which enable lenses to be made much thinner than ever before, and with many manufacturers producing high index lenses, they are widely available and there is plenty of choice for the consumer. In addition, we always apply a premium quality lens coating that will not only hide any unsightly lens reflections but will also give the very best vision.

All camera and binocular lenses are coated on both sides in order to give the best optical performance and, by coating your spectacle lenses  you will also ensure that your vision gives you the best performance, since your eye is also an optical instrument.

We will be happy to provide you with further details of high index lenses and the wide range of modern frame styles to suit you and your prescription  – we have lens and frame experts at all of our practices