Protect your eyes with Sunglasses

Sunglasses that protect eyes against UVB and UVA are essential. Ensure sunglasses have a BS2724 mark, which ensures they conform to British Standards in quality and durability.

If you are a spectacle wearer, consider prescription sunglasses, especially if you plan to drive. (In several countries, the law requires that at all times you have a back-up pair of prescription spectacles/lenses in the car)

Blue Light damages the eyes

Wear eye protection against UV light at all times. In unprotected eyes, blue light damages the eyes in a cumulative way – meaning that exposure damage builds up with time. Cumulative exposure to blue light is one of the biggest risk factors for developing cataracts. Similarly, recent evidence suggests that cumulative exposure of the eyes to blue light sets in motion a response that triggers wet macular degeneration

Don’t be tempted to buy cheap sunglasses – they may damage your eyes – its just not worth the risk.

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